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WORLD TRADE COIN (WTCoin) A financial tool for trading and transferring funds internationally, “World Trade Coin” is cryptocurrency-based asset/coin (international gold bonds backed by gold proved physical reserves) that is bound to EURO value with fixed exchange rate 1:1. WTCoin is divisible to one hundredth of its base unit; customers can transfer or pay by WTCoins up to one Euro Cent value price by any transaction. WORLD TRADE COINS PAYMENT SYSTEM (henceforth “WTCPS”) is crypto secured, anonymous, instant, worldwide payment system that allows to its members and/or customers transfer of cryptoasset (in form of WTCoins) inside its network instantly and without tracking possibility. WTCPS Trading Point (henceforth BRANCHES) are offices mostly opened at buildings on different locations worldwide. All services of BRANCHES can be supplied only in/via WTCTPs. Each BRANCH is separated, autonomous legal entity working under Franchising License Agreement; it has separated accountancy, data storage, AML/CFT procedures according to local regulations. Each BRANCH chargesto The WTCoin Finance House Trust license fee according to its local WTCoins´ Cash Flow in the volume of 2.00% from all transactions (1% to be charged at sending point and 1% to be charged at payment point) – the payment is agreed in Franchising License Agreement. How it works 1.- WTCoin Finance Trust () signs Franchising License Agreement with BRANCH 2.- WTCoin Finance Trsut provides the BRANCH with € 600,000 initial deposit in Gold Bonds Value, with a WTCoin system and training to perform transactions 3.- The BRANCH will receive deposits from clients against a Gold Bonds sales, each one equivalent to the amount deposited 4.- The BRANCH transfers the client’s deposit to WTCoin Finance House bank account and provides coded instructions of payment, corresponding to the code of Receiver’s Wallet, to be executed at at a different BRANCH through their WTCoin system; the system transforms the amount received into WTCoins value and sends (in 0.7 seconds time) WTCoin deposit to the receiver’s Wallet, which is transformed into EUROS value, and which become deposited at receiver’s BRANCH’s bank account in the following 24 hours. Receiver provides instructions to his country’s BRANCH for the BRANCH to immediately deposit the amount received in Receiver’s bank account which after done transaction is completed. 5.- Sender’s BRANCH receives 1% fee from transaction performed and Receiver’s BRANCH collects 1% of the transaction’s amount. There is no limit on the amount that BRANCHES can transfer on each transaction. Due to the procedure followed by the algorithms used by the system, there is no way anyone can trace any transaction around the world as sale transactions are totally independent from purchasing transactions. Transactions are registered as Gold Bonds sale/purchasing which are internally performed by the system, therefore, clients are either buying or selling commodities on each transaction. When a client makes a deposit in the BRANCH, he/she is technically performing an investment in Gold, receives a purchasing certificate of Gold Bonds backed internationally by WTCoin Finance Trust equivalent to the amount deposited, therefore client’s funds are turned into Gold during the time the money is traveling to its destination and until it is deposited in the bank account of the Receiver (24 hours); on this transaction the Receiver is technically performing a Gold sale operated internally by WTCoin Finance House Trust. () WT Coin Finance Trust is an international trust, owner of the WTCoin payment system, which withholds € 2 billion Gold Proved Reserves legally assigned and blocked in the Trust, and based on these, the Trust issues Gold Bonds equivalent to this amount.

World Trade Coin Presidential Group was established in 2018 by founder and president Mark Schtulmann. It is a profit ,non political organitation, associated to each World Trade Coin group in the world.
The World Trade Coin Presidential Group connects state country members to global trade communities, through individual country embassies and chamber of commerce through out the world.
The mission of the World Trade Coin Presidential Group is to support advice and asses the establishment & successful operations of individual World Trade Coin Groups which enhances
productivity, success, peace, stability, world trade, development of new projects leading to economic growth.


Welcome to World Trade Coin Presidential group.


Each World Trade Coin Group expands the horizons of our markets technology and investments by facilitating symetrical an reciprocal competition in global economic processes and provides fertile ground for productive encounters of our continental companies with international counterparts.


Word Trade Coin programs, are designed to promote events and members throughout

the world. Our program will benefit from the enthusiastic support of goberments devolpmental institutions, trade and commerce offices, associations and exhibitions.


The World Trade Coin Presidential Group, is designed to promote, enhance,facilitate world trade.

World Trade Presidential group, headquarters has the exclusive worldwide right to grant the name “World Trade Coin” to each user as one entity per economic region. Each World Trade Coin Group achieves its mission by providing a wide variaty of services to help companies engaged in global trade. The World Trade Coin name and licence enhances property values by attracting tenants that are leaders in international trade and commerce.


*One -stop shoping for goverment and trade cities *Acces to World Trade Coin Online *Seminars and trade missions *Research, transaction, and office services *Marketing and publictions *A World Trade Coin Club for members


World Trade Coin Presidential Group was established in 2018 as for-profit non political association, with links to each World Trade Coin Group around the world.

The World Trade Coin Presidential Group connects as local members to glogal trade communities, by way U.S. embassies chambers of commerce, and World Trade Coin offices throughout the world.

The World Trade Coin Presidential Group mission (Phase one) is to promote, develop, establish and build World Trade Coin Groups, (Phase two), is to support advice, analyse and establish successful operations by each individual World Trade Coin Group. This enhances productivity succes, peace stability, World Trade, and new project development leading to economic growth.